The Best Free VPN Providers

If something is free, it’s typically with a cost. That’s particularly true of VPNs, which usually restrict data usage and speed in order to entice users into upgrading to paid plans. Some of these companies have been known to extract bandwidth from their users, effectively selling it in a mercenary fashion to anyone who needs it.

A good VPN must offer solid encryption, quick performance and a variety of advanced features that aren’t available on the free version. It should be easy to use, and not have severe limitations that might hinder your regular internet activities such as streaming, downloading and videoconferencing.

The top free vpn providers must have a track record of success with impeccable privacy practices and be located outside the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. In the ideal scenario, they’ll be covered by a generous refund assurance, too.

Proton VPN is one of the most well-respected and well-loved free VPN services. Proton VPN offers a free plan without any restrictions or limitations. It offers decent speeds, three locations, and a robust ad- and malware blocking. P2P and streaming are also supported.

Windscribe is a no-cost VPN which offers 10GB per month of data with excellent performance and plenty of advanced options. Its apps are designed with lots of useful tools, tweaks and technologies. They also scored highly in my free VPN tests, beating a number of cost-based competitors.

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