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ALUMINIUM TANK FOOD 20m<sup>3</sup> (PIECES 3)




Help yourself by recycling
Upon receiving 1 ton of paper you supply an educational institution of your choice or by order from the list below with 3 cartons of recycled A4 paper.



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recycling - plastic

recycling - plastic

The plastic with numbers

The global annual consumption of plastic has increased from 5 million tons in the decade of 1950 to 100 million tons today, while producing 20 times more plastic today than 50 years ago! The consumption of plastics in Europe has increased 4% per year.
What equals one ton of plastic? With 20,000 bottles of two liters or 120,000 bags of shopping. So what is so important to reduce consumption of plastic accounts for around 7% of household waste.

In our country , every year, 400,000,000 PET plastic bottles are used for soft drinks and another 400,000,000 for bottled water. The total weight is estimated at 40,000 tons, and each year approximately 30,000 tons of plastic bags by supermarkets to landfill or in an uncontrolled environment.

It has been estimated that approximately 4% of annual world oil production is used as feedstock for plastic production, while an additional 3 to 4% is used to produce the required for the manufacture of plastic energy.

The construction of a plastic bag takes about one second, it is used for 15 minutes and disintegrates from 10 to 50 years depending on the surroundings.

Both production and use of plastic has a serious impact on the environment. For example, almost 57% of trash on beaches are different kinds of plastics. Recent studies have shown that more than 1,000,000 birds are dying worldwide due to plastic, and 10,000 fish die in the Mediterranean due to plastic and other small items that flow into the sea.

Recycling plastic bottles is a huge source of savings because the total required energy to recycle a plastic bottle is negligible when compared to the energy consumed in its manufacture. Also poisonous gases pumped into the environment by recycling plastic bottles are minimal compared to those emitted when made from oil. Reusing plastic is preferable because less chemicals are emitted into the environment and use fewer resources.