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ALUMINIUM TANK FOOD 40m<sup>3</sup> (PIECES 12)




Help yourself by recycling
Upon receiving 1 ton of paper you supply an educational institution of your choice or by order from the list below with 3 cartons of recycled A4 paper.



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Industrial Area of Alikarnassos
"Xerapidies" Area
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recycling - paper

recycling - paper

Ecological effects on non-recycled paper

Major ecosystems are under threat from excessive consumption of paper. Many people use enormous amounts of paper every day (eg paper roll in the kitchen, napkins and handkerchiefs, paper for photocopying and advertising, paper for magazines and newspapers, paper for coffee filters and notebooks, boxes and wrapping paper). Is it necessary the consumption of all this amount of paper?
In fact there are two main problems:

  1. the clearing of original forests in order for artificial crops to be planted in their place
  2. replacement of original forest with single tree species

The trees are cut when they completed the maximum of their development, usually in less than 80 years. This period is short compared to the time it takes a real forest to fully grow. Springs, rivers or streams emanating from the forests at risk of pollution resulting from the use of pesticides and nitrate fertilizers.

Rare species are lost forever along with the exceptional ecosystem. WitWithout the forest rare species cannot survive which are often important for humans.

What we gain from one tonne of recycled paper

  1. We save 17 trees (which require 40 acres of growing trees)
  2. We are saving 43% energy, about 1500 kilowatt hours, the amount of energy needed for a 75 Watt Lamp to work
  3. We save 280 cubic meters of water
  4. We achieve less pollution by 74%
  5. We reduce the waste going to landfills

Not recycled: Plastic cards, photos and carbon