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Help yourself by recycling
Upon receiving 1 ton of paper you supply an educational institution of your choice or by order from the list below with 3 cartons of recycled A4 paper.



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Industrial Area of Alikarnassos
"Xerapidies" Area
71 601 Heraklion, Crete

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

What size container do I need?

Consult the list of equipment with the size and type of material you can deposit in the container.

How do I order?

You can call us at +30 2810 380644 to discuss the type of waste you want to manage and advise you on the type of container that best suits your needs. In order to checkout you will be asked to provide information needed for invoices and receipts.

How soon will I have the container?

The placement of the container is done the same day you order

Do I need special permission to place the container in a public place?

For placing a container in a public place at Heraklion City you will need to make an application for authorization, at the Financial Services Office /Department of renting public places and sidewalks
(Office number 8 - tel +30 2810 339141)

- Daily license: 100€/day within the walls of the old city of Heraklion & 60€/day, outside the walls of the old city of Heraklion.
- Monthly license: 36€/sq.m. within the walls of the old city of Heraklion & 18€/sq.m. outside the walls of the old city of Heraklion.

In the same way you can also contact the financial department of the municipality where you want to position the container.

How much does it cost?

The prices depend on size of the container, and the positioning place. The charge is equivalent to rent per day service fee collection and disposal in the landfill site, which directly depends on the price list of Landfills.

Is there a correct way to load the container?

The containers must not be overloaded. Apart from the difficulty to be collected by the driver, there is also a huge risk in transit for pedestrians and vehicles. The correct way of loading is if the load does not protrude from the top of the load, especially when it has bricks, wood etc.

What space is required for positioning the container?

The trucks carrying the container are three-axle and they need access not only to the positioning place (space as BIG AS two cars) plus extra acces space for the arrival of the truck. If you consider the location to be difficult, please inform us so the location can be examined by our driver.

Can I move the container?

After the container is placed in the location you indicate to our driver it should not be moved.

What materials can I put in the container?

Recyclable Materials
The discharge of hazardous waste (Any waste marked by an asterisk in accordance with Annex 1 of Article 19 of 13588/725/2006 (link list of hazardous BY MAIL) (GG B 383/28.03.2006) and the European Waste Catalogue (EKA) - Waste Catalogue under the Annex of Decision 2000/532/EC, as amended by Decisions 2001/118/EC, 2001 / 119/EK and 2001/573/EC of RC)

Why should I recycle?

What do we achieve by recycling:

  1. Reducing the volume of waste, fewer landfills
  2. Savings in raw materials (trees, oil, water, minerals, etc.)
  3. Saving electricity
  4. Savings in foreign currency
  5. Savings in abatement costs
  6. Reduce pollution of the environment (soil, air, surface and groundwater)
  7. Create new jobs

What recyclable materials have commercial value?

The commercial value of materials depends on the type. All recyclable materials have commercial value, low or high. As market prices are changing at regular intervals is preferable to contact us in order for reliable and timely information.

Where are the recycled materials transported?

All recyclable materials are sent to authorized recycling facilities with which we have long term cooperation and are licensed and reputable processors of recyclables.